Gillian Adair McFarland

Visual artist and art therapist | Working between Leicester and Fife

I have an interest in the impact of actions.


…here are new images – abstract, scarred, numinous, minimal: white sound coming and going…., the paper is much more than material ground – it is beautiful as skin, a tabula rasa (a world, a table, scrapped clean), a beginning that is also an end in itself.       

Timothy Neat  Art Historian “White paper art of Gillian McFarland”  2012


Gillian’s works are undoubtedly beautiful, they both sooth and intrigue. Their simplicity is beguiling.

…..sometimes a pool of ink is allowed to bleed across a surface setting up a new place for the punctures to play. There is something bodily, of matter, about these coloured stains. They look like they might belong in a petrie dish, as a culture for bacterial nasties. Just as with icebergs there is very much more going on in these drawings under that which is instantly visible.

Fiona Cassidy. Curator